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“Karel distils the pertinent points of the complete writing process and presents them logically, reflecting the bigger context, and illustrated with examples. Brilliant workshop. I’d recommend it to anyone serious about their writing but short on dollars.”

– Liljana Millutin


“I’ve been making films for years and have encountered dozens of self proclaimed ‘screenwriting gurus’, but Segers’ approach has opened up new paths to creativity, and helped make writing a part of my everyday life. My first feature just premiered in the US, and I have another spec on the way. That wouldn’t be the case without learning from Karel Segers.”

-Nicholas Andrew Halls


“This course opened my mind to simple techniques for sustaining drama throughout the 2nd act. I always find the 2nd act a hard slog, and have given up on scripts half way in the past, but it doesn’t seem as daunting now.”

– Sonia Bible
Screenwriter/Documentary Filmmaker
(Muriel Matters, Recipe for Murder)

Master storytelling and scriptwriting.
Finish your screenplay in 6 months.

Six monthly weekends of intensive training will bring you from basic up to intermediate level, while developing your story from concept to script.

You will learn professional strategies to originate ideas, outline your story, and write the script. Very soon you will notice an improvement in all your writing.

Learn how to develop strong concepts, create authentic characters, master POV, build a solid Structure and understand the Hero’s Journey.

In the second half of the course, you will learn all about dialogue, scene design, subtext, 2nd Act construction, formatting, pitching & selling.

Course Days

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script examples

No Karel, no career.

I recently won Gold Medal at the Page Awards.
My script came top in its category, of an overall 6039 entries. I received several script requests from prominent LA producers, including an Executive Producer from The Lord Of The Rings.
I optioned the script within 1 week to a major LA based producer.
On the back of that I also received several management reads and have landed a successful LA based manager. — All this from my bedroom in Sydney.
None of this, I assure you, would have happened had I not studied with Karel.
I can’t sing this guy’s praises high enough. If you’re serious about screenwriting and film making, study with Karel. He’s simply the best there is.

No Karel, no career. It’s really that simple.

– Samuel Bartlett, Filmmaker.
(Jan 2015)

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“I put my money where my mouth is and took Karel’s class. Now I DO write, everyday, because of his inspiration and those of my fellow classmates.”

-Phil Parker
Award-winning screenwriter
‘The Third Bomb’


“I estimate participating in The Story Series has saved me 10 years of critical errors, expanded my networking scope tenfold, and has undoubtably placed me in a prime position to succeed in this industry. I am so grateful for Karel, his wisdom and extensive knowledge of the craft.

– Erin Foy
Academy Award Winner
Best Original Screenplay 2023


After a 33 year legal career I now follow my passion. Since my transition, Karel has instilled his expertise and enthusiasm into my screenwriting. I treasure our regular meetings, not just to take advantage of his prodigious expertise but for his wit and friendship. For anyone contemplating writing a screenplay or book, Karel Segers is your man.”

– Leon Davis, Screenwriter/Author

You are an actor, director,
screenwriter, producer …

… and you are really dissatisfied with the quality of movies that are made in your country. Or that you see in cinemas.

But do you really know and understand why those movies don’t work, yet others do?
You may have read Robert McKee, Blake Snyder or Chris Vogler. Those guys only tell you their part of the story. There is so much more to it, and some of it is absolutely critical. Some of what you learn at The Story Series you won’t find find anywhere else, just here.

You may be at a loss why some movies fail.
But not for very much longer..

Twelve Critical Aspects of the craft.

Every day of The Story Series, we study a critical aspect of the craft in depth. Many of these are not taught by any other course in Australia, which explains why so many films fail. After each weekend, you have a month for the material to sink in, and prepare for the next session.


Triumph of the right brain! Create more and better screen concepts, and learn how to communicate them effectively.

Point of View

Learn the power of POV; avoid the mistakes that sunk countless Australian films and learn when to safely shift your POV.

Write the Shots

Learn a practical approach to writing strong dramatic scenes, great transitions and unforgettable cinematic moments.


The heart of your story lives under the skin of your characters and in the silences between their words. Learn the types of subtext, and how to use them.


Watch the magic of loglines! You will learn a unique technique to assess your concepts, and craft a gem of a one-liner.

Hero’s Journey

Explore the organic structure of blockbusters and arthouse; unearth the mythical moments of your own life, in a powerful Story Series exclusive.

Format & Style

A great story poorly written will fail, as professional writers get annoyed by the small mistakes. Learn how to create an amazing reading experience.


You have written THE END. Now what? Become a master marketeer and learn the tricks to get your screenplay under the eyes of those in power.


Learn the difference between Hero and Protag – and why it matters. Develop fascinating characters and write them clearly on the page.

Writing Act 2

Most stories run out of steam halfway. Use a practical technique to build a solid heart for your script. A Story Series favourite!


Bring your characters’ voices come to life, and learn how the master screenwriters use their genius – and some simple age-old rhetorical devices.


Learn pitching techniques, watch examples – good and bad – and get feedback to your own pitch from your peers, and an industry professional.

2016 will see the final Story Series . If you are interested and wish to be informed about the enrolment dates, you MUST pre-register your interest by entering your email address at the top of this page. Bookings will open in November for only a short period of time.
Best to make up your mind beforehand to see whether this course is for you!

(Dates for the current course are listed at the bottom of this page)

Your tutor.

That’s me. I’ll be teaching you.
I will also make sure you have a great time.
Any questions at this point? Just call or email me.

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Karel Segers is a Philology Licentiate from the University of Louvain, who wrote his first short script at age 17; it was produced and ran many times on national TV in his home country of Belgium.

Today he is a story consultant, writer and producer, with experience in international film and TV rights acquisition, script development and film production.

Karel is a certified teacher who has taught at schools and universities in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His clients include award-winning filmmakers as well as three Oscar-nominees.

Karel is the founder of The Story Department and Logline It!,and he ranks in the world’s Top 10 of most influential people for screenwriting on Twitter.

The Venue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level screenwriter do I need to be?

You can be a beginner but you need to have read at least one screenplay. You may be able to do this before the start of the course. Email me to request a script of your choice!

Can novelists learn anything useful from this course?

I have had bestselling novelists in my class, whose works are published in dozens of territories and their feedback was positive allround. It appears that the principles of storytelling for the screen will give your novel the edge – and an easier sell because of its adaptation potential.

What if I can’t make all twelve course dates?

If you sign up for the entire series, you can catch up the day you miss at a later stage. You may postpone up to three missed days to a later session, at no additional cost. The course may be held at a different venue and location, though.

Is your approach to screenwriting character-driven?

You will learn that there really is no such thing as ‘character-driven’. Paradoxically, character and plot are one and the same thing and you cannot write successfully without a thorough understanding of both. But yes, we start talking about essential aspects of the character from day one – and will never stop!

(How) Do I qualify for the discounted rate?

Until one month before the start of the course, the discounted rate will apply to everyone. After that you need to be member of the AWG, NAFA, The Sydney Screenwriters Meetup or a recipient of the Story Series Newsletter to qualify.

Where in Sydney are the classes held?

The classes are held at the International Screen Academy, a state-of-the-art film school in Sydney. Address: 242 Young Street Waterloo NSW, Australia 2017.

More questions? Call 0407 955 555.

Don’t miss Sydney’s 6 biggest and best screenwriting weekends of 2015!
Learn all about Concept, Character, POV, Structure, Hero’s Journey,
Dialogue, Scene Writing, 2nd Act, Formatting, Pitching & Selling.


“The depth of detail was a surprise to me, yet it is accessible and easy to follow. I feel much more focused and able to write well as a result of this course.”

– Katharine Rodgers
Filmmaker / Film Festival Organiser


“Wow! – I was able to gain a new insight into why Hollywood films are so successful. As an actor and filmmaker the ‘lights have gone on!’. I feel I can now assess any short or feature script in a totally new light and do so with great confidence thanks to the methodology you teach.”

– Graham Gall
– Actor/Screenwriter/Producer


“Karel is an excellent teacher who encourages, nurtures and rewards students. He goes out of his way to ensure every students gets what they need. He helps us do better and inspires us to challenge ourselves and improve. ”

– Brenda Jackson

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Three eBooks, including The Writer’s Development Kit. Find out what 4 documents professional writers use all the time, and learn how to write them.


Fresh off the – virtual – press, this is a handy one-page overview of all script issues discussed in How To Get Your Script Laid, one of the 3 eBooks above.


You can’t learn screenwriting without reading good scripts. Here are 10 of the very best: Alien, Chinatown, Kramer vs. Kramer, Pulp Fiction, Rocky etc. Enjoy!


“For long I had been wondering how to adapt my two-protagonist novel for the screen; a typical 350-page novel needs a lot of scenes cut out to fit a 100-page screenplay. Karel’s course provided both the inspiration and the guiding principle—retelling the story with a single protagonist.”

– Vinay Kolhatkar


“I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your course. I have done a lot of courses over the last 10 years but you bring a clarity to the craft that I have notfound anywhere else – so I completely understand why people are recommending it.”

– Claire Mallon
Laywer / Screenwriter

The Best.

“Educational, knowledgable, and Inspiring. The best Commercial Screen Writing course I found in Sydney. I regularly listen to the the online materials from the course on my PDA – re-inforcing what I learn after the course is over. If you live in Sydney – don’t hesitate- just do it!”

– Dimitri James Palethrow
Screenwriter / Composer / Filmmaker

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