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How would you like it to find an extra 9 weeks in your diary, every year? Imagine what you could accomplish. I’ll explain how I’ve achieved this overnight; then every year since 2013.

Did you know there is a dirt cheap phone app that can make you a happier, more productive person, instantly?

These are only two of literally dozens of recommendations I have to share from my own experience in this 50p. eBook.

The eBook is to be released on 31 Jan. Pre-order now to lock in the launch price of $9.
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To make a living, creatives need to be both productive and efficient.
This eBook will show you how to achieve this. Quickly and effortlessly.

I have been consulting on story for nearly a decade. But what most creatives need – and some have asked for – is advice on productivity.
I left my last job before 9/11. Today, I make a handsome income, doing only what I love. I wish I knew back then the tricks I use now…
Let me share my habits and secrets, so you too can enjoy a creative life. Because if you are not, you are reallly wasting your time. And your life.

The eBook is currently in preparation, and will most likely be over 50 pages.
I intend to include answers to some of the questions from the webinar.
If you order now, you will also get unlimited access to the webinar video.

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Here are a few sample pages:

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