Day 2 – Pizza, Luck & Deadly Horses

Gabriel JacobCave Diary

I had no idea it was St. Patrick’s Day. Later in the afternoon when we were on horseback, someone noticed my anxiety and wished me good luck in the name of the Irish saint. As it turned out, it wasn’t me who needed luck…

AWhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 4.46.34 PMfter a delightful breakfast, we branched off and worked on our own, while Karel did his one-on-ones. We were all super focused, each of us stuck into work, getting as much work done as we could.

As lunchtime crept up on us, we received waivers to sign for our scheduled afternoon horse ride.

I felt excited about the prospect, yet at the same time somewhat reluctant. So I backed out last minute, imagining the worst possible outcome – even though it was to be only a mild one hour horse ride.

The group encouraged me to get out there, while Mitch and Jayne reminded me how much I enjoyed being with the horses the day before. I decided to take Jayne’s advice again, and try something new and unexpected.

Needless to say it was thrilling and a wonderful learning experience. For Joe, however, it was slightly more dramatic.

About halfway through the horse ride, we trotted along a dirt track, in a straight line. I was just starting to get a hang of the ‘high trot’ and its rhythmic motion, which did NOT come natural to me. Later it would prove to be a painful learning process.

One Horse Down

As my horse gained momentum, the horse in front of us suddenly halted, stopping mine in its tracks. All I could see was clouds of dirt and a horse recovering from what looked like a hard fall.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 1.17.34 PMI couldn’t work out who the rider was, and as I racked my brain, out of the dirt clouds appeared Jo. She scrambled to her feet, trying to calm the horse down. Our trained escorts immediately jumped into action and took control of the situation.

Thankfully Jo was only left with grazed knees, and while it wasn’t determined what had happened, Gus the horse, seemed ok as well.

It was a useful reminder of why we actually all had to sign those scary waivers.

St Patrick’s Party

As the evening approached, Annie and the other caretakers went to get ready for a night out to celebrate St Patrick’s day. Meanwhile, some of us prepared dinner, in the spirit of team work.

While we waited for the food to cook, Mitch serenaded us on the piano with Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

Jo jumped on the piano and played some Elton John, but it wasn’t until Karel took to the keys that we were surprised at the hidden musical talents in the group.