Day 1 – Kill Your Babies, Then Go Try Something New

Gabriel JacobCave Diary

The day started at 8am with a hearty hot breakfast, and like most get aways, we felt a slight anticipation of what the day might hold.

Filled up on eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, mushrooms etc, everyone broke off to work individually on their scripts. Until morning tea, every half hour someone would be called for their private one-on-one sessions with Karel.

A couple of us – reflecting on the private sessions – found ourselves discussing one of the most difficult things about refining a piece of writing: killing off the babies.

As our group session soon revealed, this became one of the themes of the day.

Oh, and meet Maple, a baby we didn’t kill ^_^

Once completed the private one-on-one sessions, everyone had earned another one of Annie’s delicious home cooked meals. We resumed to the lounge room for our feedback and group session, where each of us spoke about our current project. Our fellow writers prompted a discussion with questions and feedback.

Adulation and criticism flowed freely, and we agreed about the absolute difficulty, but pure necessity of letting go of our favourite narrative elements aka our babies. For Jayne, this was a game changer, as she later entered the space with a brand new synopsis for her script.

Let The Creative Horses Run

As we entered free-time, I was confronted with a dilemma: to go to my room in hopes to get some writing done myself, or accept Jayne’s invitation to go with Mitch (one of the casual stable hands) and feed the horses.

My answer is clear from the video below.

I didn’t quite expect what awesomeness I’d be getting myself into.

Well, this might become the theme of the entire trip, as this turned out to be one of the most unique and amazing experiences. In our writing as in life, we sometimes need to take chances.

(Jayne & Gabe riding at the back of a ute – thanks for the ride, Mitch!)