The Story Cave – Script Workshop

The next Story Cave workshop will take place in October 2020 near the Blue Mountains,
from Wednesday 21 until Sunday 25 October, at the Yarrabin Ranch.

script workshop blue mountains 2018

A Writer’s Dream

Achieve in 4 days what would otherwise take a year. Develop an outline or write script scenes, with moral support from your peers, and incisive feedback from an industry pro. Work in a relaxing, pampering environment, with all meals cooked to your needs [vegetarian and gluten-free options available].
You’ve got one job only: deliver the pages.

What can you expect to achieve?

  • Prepare your draft: write a professional outline.
  • Develop scenes, write description and dialogue.
  • Re-write your draft, with instant feedback.
Participate in the workshop of your screenplay.

Story & Script Workshop

Up to 6 writers will work on stories and scripts at various stages of completion. E.g. you may write 5-10p. of script every day, or develop and complete a 15-page treatment. Prior work is not essential, but as preparation we recommend taking the Immersion Online Screenwriting Program

The Workshop’s Unique Benefits

  • A no-distractions, collaborative environment.
  • Ongoing support from your tutor and peers.
  • A strict work schedule, ensuring the best results.

script workshop blue mountains 2018

Our Daily Schedule

The schedule below applies to Thursday-Saturday.
The first and last day of the workshop will follow an adjusted schedule.

Only a small group of writers will participate. This will allow for a great deal of personal attention, and ensure the workshop caters to the needs of the group. In the course of six daily sessions, we will be writing outlines and scenes; as well as giving and receiving feedback. During the writing sessions, the tutor will see each writer in person for 30mins to answer questions, and make sure they are achieving their goals.


Your energy is at its best. You will be writing, helped by the feedback from the previous day and your 1-on-1 session. This will give you the opportunity to sleep on it, before venturing into the creative work.

  • 07.30am – Breakfast
  • 09.00am – Session 1: Writing/Outlining (*)
  • 11.00am – Morning Tea
  • 11.20am – Session 2: Writing/Outlining (*)

  • (*) Plus 30mins 1-on-1 w/ tutor.


Afternoons are about feedback and discussion, identifying the root of any problems you experience in the writing. There will be table reads of scenes, and reviews of your outline work.

  • 01.00pm – Lunch
  • 02.00pm – Session 3: Feedback/Discussion (*)
  • 04.00pm – Afternoon Tea
  • 04.20pm – Session 4: Feedback/Discussion (*)

  • (*) May include table reads.


Evenings are about processing the day’s work. You’ll have time to reflect, ask questions, read scripts, and watch video material to find solutions for the problems that occur during the day.

  • 06.00pm – Dinner
  • 07.30pm – Session 5: Reading/Screening
  • 08.30pm – Tea
  • 08.45pm – Session 6: Reading/Screening
  • 10.00pm – Rest

Download a more detailed [provisional] schedule from here.
Here is Gabriel Jacob’s blog report on the last Story Cave.